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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1676The Tragedy of HamletShakespeare, William 
1994Article sample itemBlue, Earth ; Red, Mars ; White,Europa ; Pascarelli, Luigi Andrea ; Bollini, Andrea 
8-May-2007The Collision Between The Milky Way And AndromedaCox, T.J. ; Loeb, Abraham 
2011Conference Object Sample ItemYellow, Titan ; Red, Mars ; White,Europa 
2011Book sample itemBlue, Earth ; Red, Mars 
2012Tears of SteelIan Hubert ; Admin, CRIS ; Test, Ivo 
2014Sample Article with TabBlue, Earth 
2014Article sample 2Blue, Earth ; Red, Mars ; White,Europa 
2014DSpace-CRIS@HKU: Achieving visibility with a CERIF compliant open source systemPalmer, David T. ; Bollini, A. ; Mornati, Susanna ; Mennielli, Michele 
2015Particle collisions from the ATLAS experiment
2015DSpace-CRIS TutorialBollini, Andrea ; Pascarelli, Luigi Andrea ; Palmer, David 
2016Example of XLS to import projects into repositoryBollini, Andrea 
2016Example of XLS to setup CRIS data modelBollini, Andrea 
2016Free World Cities DatabasePascarelli L.A 
2016Example of XLS to import events into repositoryPascarelli, Luigi Andrea 
2016The Carina Nebula
2016Medical images
2016IIIF Presentation API 2.1
2016DSpace-CRIS 5 Technical documentationBollini, Andrea ; Pascarelli, Luigi Andrea 
2016Example of XLS to import organizations into repositoryBollini, Andrea